4 Hour Library & Reference Course

Learning how to do research and use the library system to its best advantage is one of the most important things a student can do to substantiate and improve their scholarship. When you sign up for this course, you will learn exactly how to navigate the Concordia Library, its website, and the neighboring libraries at McGill and University of Montreal. In four hours we will go into the buildings, on the web, and discover how to optimize your research techniques for any subject.
After a tour of the Webster Library, students will create their own library accounts and access CLUES, the Concordia Library online catalogue, as well as:
– Course Reserves
– Databases (Articles & more)
– E-Journals
– Interlibrary Loans (COLOMBO) & Article Delivery
– MetaFind
– Online Reference (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, & more)
– Other Collections (Government information, Maps, & more)
– Spectrum Research Repository (Open Access)
You will learn how to use RefWorks, which keeps track of all the books, articles and searches you have made, and creates bibliographies and citations, to make sure all your research is properly documented and there is never a question of accidental plagiarism. In addition, we’ll become familiar with using the online research sites jstor and WorldCat, which are searchable databases of scholarly articles, essential tools for modern scholars.
After a break for lunch, we will take a tour of the Concordia campus to familiarize you with the location of important school buildings and local businesses students need to know about. Then we’ll visit the nearby McGill Library, to which Concordia students have access. The advantages of knowing your way around these places, and the skills to access them, will instantly give you an advantage over other students who have not been introduced to the latest research and information gathering methods.
Finally, a Q & A session will end our class, so that each student can feel confident that they can access and use all their new skills and begin their university life with a notable head start. There is so much that the Concordia Library offers — learn how to access it all and take the lead!
To sign up, email me at niki@nikiology.net and I’ll send you a list of the dates and times so you can choose which session is best for you. No group will be larger than six people — I will make sure everyone is fully in the loop by the time we’re done!